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Enhance Your Immune System with These 16 Natural Antiviral Herbs

Viral Infections

Most viral infections go away with time; this does not however mean that the virus is no longer in your body. Viruses affect any part of the body or body system resulting in infections such as:

Common cold is one of the most frequently occurring infections. It is accompanied by symptoms such as sore throat, fever, coughing and sometimes stuffy nose. Its duration ranges between two days up to two weeks on a more serious note. It is highly communicable and can be easily transferred from one person to another especially if in a poorly ventilated room. A person can suffer from colds several times in a year.

Risk Factors of Viral Infections

Viral infections on the skin are also possible leading to warts or chickenpox. They come with an itchy rash, migraine and fever. It is spread through skin conduct with an infected person. It is mild and last not more than two weeks though it can be slightly severe in adults. A person only suffers from chicken pox once in their lifetime. It is similar to measles and small pox though they are treated with different medicines.

Headache, sore throat, fever and muscle pain are some examples of symptoms of influenza commonly known as the flu. This unlike other viral infections can cause severe and at times life threatening complications, but it can be treated easily and cheaply.

Viruses can cause infection in the gastrointestinal system causing inflammation of the intestines (gastroenteritis). It is mostly contracted through unhygienic handling of food and failure to wash your hands after visiting the toilet or after changing a baby’s diaper.


antiviral herbs


What are Antiviral Herbs

There are hundreds of Antiviral Herbs that have been known to possess significant amount of antiviral activity when used. Antiviral herbs may be readily available in your own garden or in the local market while others may prove very hard to find. It is advisable to consult an expert on herbal medicines to get the right dosage and conditions for use. For example, there are those herbs that should not be taken during pregnancy. You will also realize that most of the antiviral herbs indicated are used to treat more than one viral infection. Some antiviral herbs are even strong enough to kill all the other harmful pathogens. It is also possible to find an infection that has more than one natural remedy.

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Top 16 Antiviral Herbs

Olive leaf can be used in tea together with mint or as a capsule. It is most often used in the treatment of flu, common cold and herpes.

Balm from lemon leaf is another herb rich in antiviral properties. It is used in the treatment of stomach upset and skin infections when applied topically. You can make an infusion (add hot water)for oral application. It is believed to be unsuitable for use during pregnancy.

Adding ginger to tea and meals not only makes it tastier but is also known to prevent and reduce the time required for common cold to disappear. It also relieves sore throat and chest pains. When mixed with honey it is a powerful herb in treating flu and reducing sore throat. It can also be ground or cut into tiny pieces and added to hot water.

Chlorella is a small single celled green algae that is not only an awesome source of nutrition but also known to boost the immune system. A strong immune system helps fight viruses hence preventing infection or stopping infection from spreading.

Chamomiles are used to make herbal infusions for medical purposes. This daisy like plant is a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders and relieving inflammations and ulcers. It is preferred crushed to remove the juice which is added to hot water.

Cayenne pepper is undoubtedly one of the world’s most powerful herbs. It has numerous medicinal values, one being the treatment and relief of common flu, sore throat, stomach upset and prevention of formation of other pathogens such as fungi. It is added to food as a spice.

Bilberry is not only used for its culinary activities, it is actually a strong medicinal herb. It is used in the treatment of disorders occurring in the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory complications. The juice from the fruit is drunk in a cup full or half full. It is sweet therefore you don’t need to add any sweetening agents as is the case with other herbs.

The weed commonly known as black cohosh is used in the treatment of kidney infections and sore throat. The herb is juiced and drank for a few days for its effects to be seen. However, the herb has severe side effects such as; dizziness, headache, seizures, nausea, vomiting, sweating and low blood pressure.

Chilli has been used in traditional folk medicine for aeons especially in Asian countries like India. It is used in the management of herpes and other respiratory tract infections. It is used in food or applied topically by adding to water or milk and is among the most commonly used spices in the world.

 Garlic is an undisputed traditional medicine. It is used as a remedy for several ailments including warts, flu and common cold. There are other natural ways for treating genital warts for example taking an oatmeal bath or placing slices of onions on the warts. However onions are not proven scientifically to be adequate. I advise you to see your doctor because these remedies only heal warts not the HPV that caused the warts. Chewing on raw garlic is said to help patients with high blood pressure. Most people use garlic ain food, though it leaves a smell that doesn’t go away easily.

Astaragalus root is used as a preventive measure for flu. It works best by boosting the body’s immune system enabling the body to fight of viruses. It is advisable to use it when anticipating a season of flu, not when you already have it. Use it in tea or cooked it in food.

Cat’sclaw, taken as a capsule or in tea, is a strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal herb. It is also a very strong immune booster.

We cannot talk about herbs without mentioning aloe vera. It is one herb that treats almost anything. It is in the same family as the sisal plant. It is very bitter and might require an additional sweetener; honey is preferred. It can be administered orally or topically and is deemed very effective.

The roots, leaves, seeds and berries of the elderberry tree are used in treating common cold and flu. Due to the high level of cyanide present in the plant, you have to boil it fully before using it as medicine.

Oregano oil is used as medicine and a flavour in food. It is a strong antiviral medicine as it speeds the healing process and prevents irritation of the skin when applied topically.

Licorice root is used as a tea and drank alone or could be mixed with another herbal tea in the treatment of gastric ulcers. It is both an antibacterial and an antiviral.

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