10 Major Health Benefits of Ginger

This powerful superfood that could possibly change your life for the better is none other than ginger, an age-old root that not only improves healing, promotes vitality, and improves the body’s functioning, but is also versatile enough to include in a variety of dishes that range from sweet to salty, and spicy to subtle. And to add to the worldwide reputation of this amazing superfood’s healing capabilities are the new scientific studies done over the past decades that have shown the health benefits of ginger. Ginger contain powerful unique vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and compounds that literally work wonders in every area of your health and life.

We’ll go into more depth on the health benefits of ginger, but here is some basic info on ginger’s powerful benefits.

What Is Ginger?

Before we start talking about health benefits of ginger. Let’s talk about what ginger actually is. You may be surprised to learn that the ginger you know and love is actually the root of a beautiful red, white, or yellow and green flowering plant that belongs to the zingiberaceae family, to which other well-known spices like turmeric and cardamom also belong. The ginger root is a knotted, tubular-shaped root with a light yellow, white, or red flesh that is covered with a silvery exterior coating. The name “ginger” originated more than 3,000 years ago meaning “horn root,” which describes the root’s unique appearance.

The Special Health Benefits of Ginger

The ginger root possesses natural oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytochemicals that combine to provide healing properties for almost every area of the body. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring plant compounds that boost the healthy functioning of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. These compounds include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, analgesics, and a wide variety of protective, preventative, and health promoting derivatives that help support the natural functions of the body. The powerful oils contained within the flesh of the ginger root are varieties of gingerol, paradol, shogaol, and gingerdione, which not only help combat germs, bacteria, and viruses. But also help stimulate the senses, improve energy, increase metabolic functioning, and cleanse the blood.


health benefits of ginger

1. Improves Calcium Absorption

Calcium is a widely recognized mineral that is most commonly thought of in terms of its maintenance of bone health. And in fact, a deficiency in this essential mineral can actually cause the body to detract it from where it is stored in the bones and teeth, making those sources susceptible to deterioration. But, while calcium is absolutely essential for the formation and maintenance of strong and healthy bones and teeth, it’s also necessary for a number of functions throughout the body that (according to some) far surpass the importance of bone health.

Required for the formation of healthy DNA and RNA, the need for calcium begins at the moment of conception. Throughout the gestation of a fetus, calcium is required for almost every process, enzymatic reaction, and development of every organ and system throughout the body. After birth and throughout life, this essential mineral is used by the circulatory, nervous, skeletal, muscular, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Fortunately, the calcium in ginger helps keep these systems working at full speed, and it also provides support to the body’s calcium stores, by processing and utilizing this mineral in a number of ways that help to improve the body’s functioning and contribute to overall health. And because ginger is full of vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium, which have been shown to improve the body’s natural process of eliminating sodium, improve the digestive process, and maintain proper protein metabolism, it is able to make sure the body has optimal calcium stores, which keep it functioning at its healthiest!

2. Improves Metabolic Functioning

The term “metabolism” refers to the functioning of all of the body’s cells in a variety of processes that are classified as either catabolic (breaks down elements into usable forms of energy) or anabolic (creates compounds that are needed by the cells). In order to perform basic daily functions, the body has a resting metabolic rate that provides the energy needed to think, breathe, digest, pump blood, and even blink your eyes.

Physical demands beyond this rate (such as exercise) require more energy, which puts increased demands on the metabolism. Basically, metabolism is a constantly running machine that can run well or poorly, depending upon a number of factors ranging from diet and exercise, to a person’s quality of health, to the body’s ability to function properly for optimal metabolic support.

As ginger offers a helping hand to the specific supporting endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems and the precise processes like hormone production and regulation, and the synthesis, storage, and use of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that directly support the optimal functioning of the metabolism, it’s no surprise that the spicy root has been shown to remarkably improve metabolic functioning. Not only does ginger provide support to the very systems and processes that indirectly affect the metabolism, it also enhances areas that have direct effects on metabolic performance, such as the increased calorie burn, energy production, and alertness that result from the thermogenic effect produced by the natural spiciness of ginger.

By revving the metabolic engine and promoting the proper functioning of the metabolism, ginger can actually improve the most basic cellular functioning in the body (improving all of the body’s systems with which those cells communicate), but can also help improve the energy, focus, and fire that every body needs in order to be its healthiest throughout life!

3. Promotes Weight Loss

The efficient way to achieve sustainable weight loss is through a collaboration of lifestyle changes that improve health and provide the body with the tools that it needs. These tools for weight loss aren’t focused on one specific area of life (or even on one specific area of the body), but are rather a series of keys that lead to improved overall health. When combined, these keys gradually contribute to the loss of fat, the increase of muscle, and a new, improved lifestyle that is able to continue and sustain weight loss successfully. Some of the most important keys are:

  • A diet focused on nutrient-dense natural foods
  • A diet free of excessive sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats
  • An active lifestyle that promotes calorie burn
  • An active exercise regimen that promotes muscle building and maintenance
  • A lifestyle that promotes healthy sleep habits and reduction of stress
  • A focus on promoting healthy hormone balance

Ginger is one of the home remedies for weight loss which can help you use any of these keys to unlock the door to weight loss. Ginger begins the process of weight loss by enhancing the body’s absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, helping to ensure the body has ample amounts of the very nutrients it needs to thrive. Also, through its natural provisions of metabolism stimulating, ginger has shown to be an effective aid in minimizing cravings for unhealthy foods laden with sugars, sodium, and unhealthy fats. While also increasing the metabolism’s rate of functioning and contributing to energy levels, further contributing to an increased calorie burn. And, with its ability to regulate hormones that can directly affect stress, sleep, focus, and energy production, ginger can provide the support necessary to all of the body’s systems simply, naturally, and deliciously.

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4. Clams Foods Poisoning

Surprisingly, one out of every six Americans suffers from some form of food poisoning every single year. There are more than 250 possible different causes to blame for the development of the dreaded condition, and the most common can be traced to eating expired or exposed food harboring bacteria that wreaks havoc on the digestive and immune system. While most cases of food poisoning are characterized by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, confusion, and diarrhea, the more severe forms can be harmful enough to cause kidney failure, chronic arthritis, brain and nerve damage, or even death.

While serious cases should seek medical attention immediately, ginger can be used to treat the symptoms and relieve the underlying causes of minor cases of food poisoning. Not only can the cause of food poisoning be effectively and treated internally, but the body can be returned to a healthy state naturally with the use of ginger. By improving digestion and metabolism with its unique acid combatting and pH balancing enzymes and oils, restorative vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, and replenishing probiotic effects, ginger can actually assist the body in processing the bacteria that caused the food poisoning, helping to move the body into repair faster.

5. Relieves Heartburn

Heartburn is described as the uncomfortable burning sensation that affects the esophagus, sometimes accompanied by an acidic taste in the mouth or even a small amount of acidic bile being expelled into the mouth. Sometimes, heartburn, which is actually a symptom, can be a result of a simple bacterial infection in the stomach or a common side effect of frequently prescribed medications such as aspirin, steroids, estrogen (birth control), or those intended to treat blood pressure, cholesterol, or thyroid conditions. Heartburn can also be as simple as an adverse physical reaction to the consumption of spicy food or caffeine, engaging in smoking or alcohol consumption, or experiencing excessive stress or indigestion. Heartburn can also be an indicator of more serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcers, gallstones, or GERD.

Regardless of the condition that may precipitate the onset of heartburn, ginger can help reduce the severity of the experience while providing the body with a number of healing components that can not only improve the physical reaction, but actually encourage the repair of most underlying conditions. Ginger’s balancing pH helps return the overly acidic state of your stomach contents to a normal level, helping alleviate the immediate cause and discomfort of heartburn. With the vitamins, minerals, oils, enzymes, and phytochemicals provided by ginger, the body can begin a repairing process that helps the digestive, circulatory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems, all of which are intertwined in the serious conditions that can produce heartburn as a symptom, and not merely a simple adverse reaction. Luckily, even if the cause of the heartburn is a simple upset or unbalance that has produced an isolated situation of heartburn, chewing a simple slice of ginger or sipping a spicy cup of ginger-infused green tea can provide on-the-spot relief in the most delicious possible way.

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6. Minimizes Joint Pain

Joints are the parts of your body that connect one bone to the next. Throughout the human body, there are an astounding 360 joints! From the inner ear to the fingers and toes, these joints allow the body to function, participating in a network of movable and immovable systems that interact and coordinate the actions performed every moment of the day. The most common causes of joint pain are injury and the resulting inflammation. When injury or agitation occurs within one of the joints that is used regularly, the resulting inflammation can cause pain and discomfort that is easily aggravated by simple everyday movements. Luckily, though, the use of ginger can help to provide relief from joint pain as well as help with the healing process.

Ginger contains gingerol and shogaol, oils that do double-duty as enzymes that directly promote the repair and prevention of joint inflammation and pain. These starring phytochemicals not only help target the cause and site of inflammation, but can also improve the uncomfortable swelling that so often accompanies it. Additional phytochemicals contained within ginger promote proper circulation, which is essential in improving the delivery of nutrients to the site of joints in need, and carry away any infectious or inflammatory irritants that can contribute to the painful experience. While consuming a diet focused on whole foods, avoiding sodium or sugar, maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in regular exercise and avoiding injury, anyone who enjoys ginger on a regular basis can ensure that their joints remain pain free.

7. Prevents Viral Infections

Few people acknowledge, or are even aware, that viruses like the ones that cause the dreaded flu are everywhere, can be contracted quite easily, and are extremely difficult to eradicate once they have taken hold of a cell. The most intriguing aspect of viruses is that they are antibiotic-resistant, which means that those same medications and prescriptions that effectively treated another bacterial infection won’t be able to treat a virus. And while vaccines have shown promise, there are questionable aspects about their side effects and effectiveness. Without question, the best defenses against viruses are to ensure that your immunity is optimal. Be aware of the common symptoms of viral infections. Start treatment as early as possible after infection and to treat yourself naturally if and when a viral infection affects you. Luckily, ginger is able to save the day and your body from viral infections and symptoms that can wreak havoc. Natural antiviral compounds are contained in every drop, sliver, and slice of the ginger root, and these compounds not only effectively attack the virus, but provide the body with antimicrobial and antibacterial support to help prevent further illnesses that could attack a compromised immune system. Helping to support the production of hormones, improve the digestive system’s functioning, and regulate circulatory system functioning, ginger’s compounds also minimize the severity of commonly associated symptoms such as fever and chills, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, and aches and pains.

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8. Detoxifies the Liver

The liver is the detoxification center for the entire body, responsible for cleansing the blood, nutrients, and waste, and removing unnecessary, excess, or toxic substances from the body. Unfortunately, this specialized organ that helps filter and cleanse the body can become overly taxed through excessive use, resulting from a number of situations such as alcohol consumption, poor dietary habits, or malnutrition. A less-than-optimal liver can lead to diminished functioning of any of the body’s organs or systems, and a likely development of signs and symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, constipation, or even yellowing of the eyes and skin within a short period of time. Because of the crucial role the liver plays in keeping the body clear of harmful toxins; maintaining stabilized blood sugar, hormone, and cholesterol levels; and promoting proper metabolism of nutrients in the process of energy production, it is easy to see why the liver must be free of challenges or illness in order to ensure optimal overall functioning.

Ginger has a variety of natural phytochemicals, oils, and compounds such as gingerol and shogaol that promote enzymatic reactions throughout the body. So it’s no surprise that those same phytochemicals help the body in the process of xenobiotic detoxification that rids the liver of harmful, unwanted toxins. This special detoxification process uses ginger’s compounds to purge excess fat buildup in the liver, remove waste from the bloodstream and liver, and burn toxins that would otherwise be shuttled to the liver for processing and removal. With the decreased workload on the liver, the organ’s natural process of cell regeneration helps to begin and sustain a healthy detoxification. With ginger’s ability to improve nutrient absorption, along with its natural support of the circulatory and metabolic systems, both heavily involved with the detoxification processes, it’s no wonder that ginger can be a healthy addition to any detoxification plan focused on the liver.

9. Clears Acne

Physicians have determined that a combination of factors including age, hormone levels, genetics, anxiety and stress levels, and hot or humid climates can all contribute to the development of acne. Even oil-based makeup, poor hygiene practices, and oily hair can be to blame for acne outbreaks. While seemingly different, these factors all involve a disruption in the oil production of the sebaceous glands and their release of those oils along tiny hair follicles on your face, back, chest, shoulders, neck, and arms. Once this process has been disrupted, the oils can get trapped beneath the skin, breeding bacteria and irritation, resulting in the development of acne.

Ginger, when used in the following acne clearing mask, rescues acne sufferers with its naturally occurring oils, enzymes, and phytochemicals found in the natural provisions of vitamins A, C, and E that fight acne-causing bacteria, prevent inflammation and irritation, and deliver soothing skin-healing properties directly to the site of breakouts. Whether the outbreak is mild, moderate, or severe, the addition of ginger’s oils to your beauty routine can benefit your skin and banish breakouts. Also, If you want to get rid of acne then you must read home remedies for acne.

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10. Soothes Sore Throat

When dealing with health assailants like bacterial and viral infections, seasonal allergies, dry air, postnasal drip, or countless environmental factors such as smoke, dust, etc., a sore throat can be one of the body’s first reactions. When dealing with a sore throat, it can be tempting to visit the nearest drugstore for a quick fix like any one of the wide variety of pills, potions, and sprays that promise to deliver relief. The catch with these over-the-counter treatments is that the ingredients can be questionable, the side effects can be worse than the original condition of a simple sore throat, and they seldom provide relief from the actual cause of the sore throat.

When you take ginger to treat your sore throat, you know what you’re taking. Ginger is able to be consumed fresh, powdered, pickled, or stewed, and provides effective sore throat relief in any of those forms, and its anti-inflammatory compounds combine with its analgesic properties to reduce irritation and provide pain relief. In addition, powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties are not only delivered directly to the site of a sore throat after consuming ginger, but are distributed throughout the entire body via the digestive system, helping to relieve the throat and the entire body of the microbe or microbes responsible for the sore throat. Ginger’s delivery of antioxidants through its many vitamins and minerals further supports the functioning of the immune system and promotes the prevention of the illnesses that can contribute to a sore throat, or provides relief and faster healing times when situations other than illness are responsible for the onset of the sore throat.

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Overall Health benefits of Ginger

Through the use of quality nutrients found in natural foods, the body benefits immensely. With rich provisions of essential nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, along with oils and enzymes that help the body process those essential nutrients. Ginger is the perfect addition to a daily diet or beauty routine to get maximum health benefits of ginger, inside and out. Helping to maintain the health of the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and systems. This sweet spice is a splendid way to provide your body with prevention, protection, and health boosting nutrition that improves and maintains optimal overall health.

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